EXCLUSIVE // Stream the new EP from Canal Capitale


Who would have thought that the trace elements in Scottish water, the ones that make their whiskeys so damn pleasurable, also cause the local inhabitants to form bands? That’s theory I made up two minutes ago…

I mean, there’s probably more to it than that. The scientific minded of you are probably shouting with heated rebuke: ‘you’re clearly confusing correlation with causation‘. The majority of you probably saw it as a way to grab attention, albeit in a rather prosaic and trite manner. Well guess what? Entering my second paragraph here, bitches.

Glaswegians Canal Capitale are releasing their debut EP Stunner Of The Month. Taking influence from Blakfish, Meet Me In St Louis and Tubelord, the band combine a pastiche of melodic pop punk, emo-revival, post-punk, and hardcore. All are delivered with that impetuous, frantic and mercurial construction we expect from genres like math rock. Stunner Of The Month has the distinction of a great rock record, but it’s all a little bit twisted. The good twisted of course, like someone spiked the punch bowl with chilli sauce, not dog shit or rohypnol.

This week we are premiering Stunner Of The Month in full, a week prior to its release. Show these brand new lads some ears; give it a whirl as you slam down a dram of Islay single malt.

canal capitaleStunner Of The Month will be available for purchase from November 2. You can keep up to date on Canal Capitale’s Facebook page. Love one another.