NEWS // Instrumental rock festival ‘AMFest’ to launch in two weeks time


We love the feeling of an instrumental rock festival, where the crowds don’t chant lyrics, they chant riffs. If you share this sentiment, and need an additional excuse to get your tourist ass to Spain, here it comes.

November marks the fourth installment of AMFest, a delectable aggregate of instrumental rock, experimental rock, post rock and math rock. Originally the brainchild of Spanish label Aloud Music, the festival made its debut in 2013 and has since boasted the likes of Toundra, Yndi Halda, The Physics House Band, Vessels, Maybeshewill, That Fucking Tank, Axes, Cleft, and Nordic Giants. How did you not know about this?

AMFest number four, taking place only a mere 8 months after the last festival, will take place between November 5th and 7th, and features a spectacular lineup. Joining the festival this autumn are Belfast juggernauts And So I Watch Your From Afar, the imminently disbanding Maybeshewill, LA loopers El Ten Eleven, Maserati, Mutiny On The Bounty, Stearica, and a shit tonne of amazing Spanish instrumental bands including Maamut, Viven, Ciconia, Ciconia, Boira, Erroma and our personal favourites Jardin de la Croix. How? How did you not know about this?

We are urging inhabitants of the north-western quadrant of Earth to give in to the shittiness of cheap Ryanair tickets, and start commuting to Barcelona for this banger of a weekend. There are a couple of other reasons you should be making your way over to AMFest:

(i) This will be ASIWYFA’s final show for the year.

(ii) This will be one of Maybeshewill’s last shows ever. If you don’t make either this festival or the nearly sold out show at KOKO in London, consider yourself fucked over.

(iii) This will be your first chance to hear new tracks from Maserati’s latest album End Of Man.

(iv) This will be perfect crash course the Spanish instrumental rock scene.

(v) We’ll be there. In fact, if you happen to scout out one of our Fecking Bahamas team and take a photo with him (they may attempt to resist, but can be easily subdued) and post it on our Facebook, you will win a special digital media bundle full of delicious math rock. Don’t know what our team members look like? Here’s a hint.

In conclusion, you’re going to Spain.






Sala Apolo, Barcelona


5-7 November 2015

Your next moves

Purchase tickets. Be alive until festival date. Go to festival.