EXCLUSIVE // Stream Space Blood’s new EP ‘Can’t Stop Seeing Creed’

space blood

September 2014: I was in Manchester for A Carefully Planned Festival, just preparing to watch Space Blood play for the first time. I’d heard their stuff, bass guitar/drum duo stuff, vibes of Shellac and My Disco, it was pretty cool. I had already been in talks with drummer William Covert over e-mail for various things, and he had managed to locate me in the crowd before the show started. We got talking and he introduced me to guitarist Sam Edgin, things were cool. Twenty minutes later, William said he had to get prepared, so he dropped his trousers, walked to the stage and put on a mask. Sam Edgin snugged into an unsightly crop top exposing his hairy beer gut. It seemed like a moment ago these were simple, good natured blokes. Then things got weirder.

I suspect this is how many people have come to know Space Blood across the US and UK, for their off-the-wall pantomime acts. This is very striking on a conceptual level: the minimalism of their sound juxtaposed against their excessive and outlandish visual show. And even now when I hear their latest EP Can’t Stop Seeing Creed, I cannot get those weird visuals from previous shows out of my head. Covert ripping up and eating flyers he tore off the venue walls. Edgin wearing a David Cameron mask with a pig nose and dry humping Covert from behind. Assorted weird debauchery.

Whatever the case. we’re proud to be streaming this wonderful new EP from Space Blood, featuring contributions from Dan Beesley of Cleft fame, and wonderful Escher-esque artwork from Joseph Klomes of Droughts. It’s an EP comprising the stripped down math rock we’ve come to expect from the weirdos. We hope you enjoy it.

spacebloodSpace Blood’s new EP ‘Can’t Stop Seeing Creed’ will be available from April 20th via their Bandcamp page. In the meantime, you can start seeing Creed here.