Parachute Day – Thank You Notes (2016)

Illinois-based math-rockers Parachute Day serve up instrumental emo flavours in their brand new EP Thank You Notes. The bite sized debut features catchy guitar riffs nestling nicely between the emo-revival sound making waves through the US, and the major chord rich post rock sound prominent over various parts of Asia.

‘I Feel Fantastic’ opens the EP with a simple yet attention-grabbing prologue to the EP. Parachute Day waste no time showcasing the extent of their musical prowess with “You Are the Daydream”, fluctuating between a swaying ¾ beat with interleaving off-kilter interludes, and overall providing a well-balanced first impression for the listener. ‘Frisbee’ provides some beautiful guitar-bass interplay, and ‘Thank You Notes’ concludes with a pop-punk texture.

As a debut, Thank You Notes will pump some cheer into your day, and suggests that Parachute Day is definitely a band worth keeping an eye on. Drawing from a vast spectrum of niche genres, this Illinois quartet clearly have something in their sound that many can enjoy.

File Under

Emo, punk rock, post rock, math rock, instrumental, free

Sounds A Tad Like

tide/edit, Via Luna, Vasudeva

Standout Tracks

You Are The Daydream, Frisbee


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Illinois, US