EXCLUSIVE // Stream Polymath’s new album ‘Reptiles’

Doppelgänger - Press pic

If you’re an avid crowdfunder and you like math rock, it is more than likely that you are about to listen to the delicious results of your philanthropy, if you haven’t already been granted the opportunity by the band themselves

You see, in early 2014 Polymath reached out to fans and music-lovers across the globe to help compile recording funds. In times where crowdfunding is slowly paving a new way forward for musicians, it was somewhat no surprise that their Kickstarter campaign was an indisputable success. And now, the promised album, Reptiles, is finally in our arms with thanks to Lonely Voyage Records.

Moulding together the spazzy math rock of early Tera Melos, the impetuous intensity of The Mars Volta, and the cool complexity of early prog rock greats like Mahavishnu Orchestra, Reptiles‘s six beautifully interwoven tracks cover vast musical territory, from the ambient chime of ‘Reptiles’, right through to the abrasive sonic assault of ‘Castrovalva’ and the ‘Metamorphosis’ trilogy.

We have no doubt in our minds that Reptiles will cover all of your musical and herpetological needs.

You can purchase Reptiles via their Lonely Voyage Records. Probably best you go do that right now, really.