EXCLUSIVE // Stream ‘American Music’ the first single from noisy math rock trio Elaine The Singer

Before you officially end your Friday and crack your Pabst Blues open, let us offer you a little something from our hottest take of the month: Elaine The Singer.

This exciting new project is the brainchild of Ty Mayer, the drummer of Floral. It would also be remiss of me not to mention that Nate Sherman, also of Floral, slaps da bass and Kevin Murray of Percentage Bridge smacks the drums. In many ways, you are likely to hear parallels in melody, structure and the ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ key changes typical of these projects.

Elaine The Singer, however, is a far noisier undertaking. With its members split over Palo Alto and New York, a mere 3000 miles apart, the band have the punk immediacy of bands like Pneu and 100 Onces, whilst offering the brooding backbone of Town Portal, Ativin, Turing Machine, and, heck, even some Animals As Leaders at times. Naye, their debut will not be the cheery noodle-heavy quotidian math rock experience that you and your dog love.

Elaine The Singer’s brash and punchy debut was smashed out over three days with Jamie Wosk and Linden Reed from the exuberant Sloth and Turtle. “The record is like 80% live with all the drum takes being live and basic tracks for bass and guitar being live and then acoustic guitar and extra guitar overdubbed,” Nate informs me.

‘American Music’ is your first chance to delve into what we hope will be a fantastic math rock act from this point on…