Today we kick off with new CLOA, an up and coming Rancho Cucomunga band that’s perfect for fans of TANG and Strawberry Girls. Oh, and if you like latex, you’re in luck – the band brought a whole bunch of it.

The video for “Vanilla” was shot at I.E. Chrome, which we can only assume is a balloon factory that also hosts bands. If it’s not, there’s a free million dollar idea for you. Wait… that may or not have happened in Wayne’s World. Regardless, check out CLOA and their lively live exclusive below. It’s got all the tippy-taps, chunky bass, and fight-or-flight drums you crave, but keeps things smooth and light.

You know, it always scares us when we see the guitar player do that thing where they push the neck away from the body like that. Not just because we think the guitar will snap in half, but because it whacks out the intonation. Luckily, neither happen here, and the guy just keeps shredding on.

“Vanilla” plays into its namesake a bit by keeping things sweet, yet ultimately pretty safe structurally. Yhey still have a good time doing so though, and so do we. Oh, that’s right, we’re not going to let anyone shame us for liking vanilla. You kids and your Neapolitan bubblegum chaff. It’s an outrage.

What? Oh right, sorry. You see, in another universe, Fecking Bahamas is just an ice cream blog, math rock is our favorite flavor, and CLOA is the latest special. Just dig in and enjoy it.

CLOA showed off some cool production with their last single “Interference” as well, so we’re looking forward to seeing how that kind of treatment might serve the song in the future. Will “Vanilla” be part of an upcoming release? We don’t rightly know – but we’ll be waiting. We’ve got a metric spit-ton of new stuff coming at you coming up from Hyper Olympic, False Pockets, Sunchoke, and more. If you’re interested in helping us keep the site up to date and/or literally buying us a coffee to keep us going, you can do so here, otherwise, we’ll talk to you soon! XO