That’s right, we finally got out of bed and took our first Tuesday Music Dump of 2022. And you know what? It’s all over the place. We’ve got a stellar record from Sunchoke, new singles from Luna Vista and , and a few tasty leftovers from last year that we wish we’d found the time for.

We also wanted to slip in a few obscure new tunes released this month that we think you may or may not enjoy. So let’s shotgun a gallon of chocolate milk and get started.

First off we have Sunchoke and their surprisingly dense new record, Slobs. The band puts a heavier emphasis on narrative while somehow also loosening their grip on things, and it lets way more personality shine through than their previous offerings. It’s not a surprise the songs are endlessly hummable and fun to follow, especially if you’ve been following them since 2017’s Compost, but we love it when a plan comes together.

Then we have Luna Vista. Luna Vista is a Portland band I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with a couple times. In fact I have one very distinct memory of playing a living room years ago at a house party, where my allergies were at an all time high, and I 100% sneezed on the nearest audience member while desperately trying to play. I’d say they didn’t notice, but they did. Anyway. We really enjoyed hearing from them again. “Somerset” is at once driving, nostalgic, and emotionally complex, and we can’t wait to hear more whenever the time comes.

Next we had the pleasure of rocking out to we broke the weather, featuring our friend Nick Cusworth of the almighty Heavy Blog is Heavy. It’s a swinging, sultry joint that just might tickle your fancy if you’ve been waiting for Mr. Bungle to soften their gaze on ye olde California days. Cusworth’s fantastic shapeshift-y vocals are on full display here atop the smoke and mirrors, and we couldn’t get enough.

Also in jamming in prog town tonight is I-Artifact, whose phosphorescent brand of ambient djent we were really impressed by. Sometimes it’s difficult to tune into instrumental shred when you’ve heard it literally a million times, but there’s an inventiveness here that reminds us of luminaries like Plini and Sithu Aye. It checks all of the expected boxes, but slips in some surprising touches we really enjoyed.

But let’s revisit a couple gems from late last year that slipped under the radar. The delicious North of Us dropped an EP in December, which blends emo, punk, and singer/songwriting in a really rewarding way. It’s got an experimental, percussive feel gluing it all together that’s pretty unique.

Also, can we say that a record is criminally slept on if we also slept on said record? Holla Monsis a dissonant, shuddering collage that lovingly takes listeners hostage with emotional rawness. There’s little room for accessibility here, but we are more than down with an album that demands our attention regardless, especially when it’s as strange and/or compelling as this.

Alright, remember that chocolate milk we chugged? It’s coming back up – and we know just the perfect soundtrack. P.S.you’redead wails like much the chaotic core’s we know and love, but are one of the few that remind us of that old electric Genghis Tron magic. It can be a hard balance to strike when you’re butting up chaotic math core to electronic beats and synths, especially if you’re trying to make it unique, but this Buffalo trio just might be the latest.

Let’s close it out with something else entirely. Jameszoo, who will be releasing his new album Blind in March, came out of nowhere for us this Tuesday and knocked us on our asses. The first single “Bugatti (etude)” plays like an army of spiders getting pHD’s in herculean jazz, computer repair, and cocaine. It’s in the same vein of piano wizardry as Tigran Hamasyan and Austin Peralta with hyper modern production. Not that Tigran and Austin’s grip on the keys aren’t timeless, those chops are not up for debate – but Jameszoo’s tapestry of glitch and high-brow jazz brought this Tuesday to am all-encompassing climax. It’s anxious, it’s beautiful, and utterly unpredictable. Oh, and the pre-orders come with a really unique tarot deck made specifically for the album by Philip Ackerman.

Okay. It’s basically Wednesday now.

That about does it for January’s Tuesday Music Dump! We’ve got some exciting stuff coming up later this week as well, so don’t go anywhere. If you wanna buy us a coffee and help us keep our shite together, feel free to do so here! Every little bit helps, but mostly, we’re happy you took the time to check out some music. Thanks for reading and see you soon!