EXCLUSIVE // Monotrope deliver mind-boggling instrumental math-rock in their new video ‘Prismatic Symmetry’


Monotrope is set to release their second album, Immutable Future, on November 21, and we’re thrilled to have the exclusive premiere for their music video for the aptly titled ‘Prismatic Symmetry’. The band’s debut album, Unifying Receiver, was a real treat for fans of 90’s influenced more angular styled math rock, and Immutable Future further develops the band’s sound and style.

Check out the trippy and video for ‘Prismatic Symmetry’ and you can see there’s a lot to love in this band. The video is repetitive while also slightly changing the visual motifs, much like the song, and is a great visual representation for a math rock video. The playing is superb which should be no surprise seeing that bassist Matthew Taylor is a member of math rock legends Bellini, guitarist Dan Wilson played in the underrated 90’s Pittsburgh band Hurl, which was fronted by Matt Jencik of Don Caballero and Slint, and other guitarist Ed Ricart played in the very good 2000’s Ohio band Hyrrokkin. It’s a delicious combo of math rock talent. Don’t let it slip to the side.

Y’all better get ready because Monotrope’s full length ‘Immutable Future’ is out November 21. Hop over to New Atlantis Records to get your pre-orders.