Post-rock’s best and perhaps most easily identifiable quality is its sense of space. Whether it’s a tiny, reverberating practice room or the endless echoes of sonic wilderness reaching outer space, it’s a genre that’s made to take you somewhere.

So if you happen to be looking for some novel sense of space or just a cool instrumental jam, you should definitely get hip to MAEBE, the instrumental post-rock project of Michael Astley Brown.

If you’re a guitar nut like us, Brown’s name just might ring a bell – he’s also the Digital Editor in Chief for Guitar World Magazine, and you can definitely hear his heightened level of familiarity with the instrumental side of things here – check out the exclusive play-through for “Harsh Realms” below.


We also like that the song fits into that all-encompassing, borderline cinematic kind of post-rock like Caspian, And So I Watch You From Afar and sleepmakeswaves. It’s almost a guarantee that when listening to these bands, and indeed much of the new MAEBE record Rebirth.Relive.Repeat., that you’ll feel like traveling.

No, even more than that – adventuring. Like, kayaking at the break of dawn or something. At the very least, getting up from your desk and refilling your cup of coffee and THINKING about leaving the house to finally run some errands. That’s enough excitement for one day, certainly, and definitely more than enough excuse to jam MAEBE.

If you haven’t already, check out the latest MAEBE Rebirth. Relive. Repeat. by Maebe“>here – there’s a lot more where “Harsh Realms” came from. You can also buy us a coffee here because you are a patron of the arts, even in progressive rock and/or math rock, and gods bless you for it. Coming up we’ve got more on the East Coast // Midwest compilation, our first ever gear review, and an in depth look at the latest record from The Armed. Thanks for reading!