It’s been tragically too long since we’ve heard something out of Bristol specifically – not that we don’t think it’s there, we know they’re busy. Still, we’re thankful to have some proof with this uniquely radical live session from Hypothetics.

The band takes the arching, cinematic scope of post-rock to create a stifling, energetic feel that’s closer to post-punk or progressive math rock. There’s certainly odd-time, off-kilter parts and dissonance a plenty, and a good deal of triumphant guitar noise, so rest assured, it’s made of nothing but pieces of things you like. But Hypothetics are poised to get more than theoretical – check it out below.


Those are some wild drum parts, man. It’s also a killer way to ring in a new single.

For people looking to zero in on the band a little more, here is a quick blurb from the band’s publicist:

Unrelenting and direct, Bristol’s Hypothetics have a sound that pushes the four to the extremes. Produced by Mercury nominated Andy Savours (Black Country, New Road, my bloody valentine), this concept EP sees the quartet escape the stereotypes of young rock musicians today and instead they introduce listeners to a world of therapeutic escapism and cinematic immersion. Talking about the EP, the band elaborate, “by fixating on sounds and images from the seventies American cinema era, it gave us an angle we weren’t getting from the reality of rural Gloucestershire. We try to limit the effect the industry has on us, as it’s easy to start doing things for the wrong reasons and become disillusioned”.

The Gets Let Down! EP out now – and they certainly don’t slouch on the delivery of this strange cinematic angle they mention. You can hear how the vintage swagger comes in in waves, between the more complex and/or modern sounding parts with the guitars and vocals too. It’s no secret that we’re big fans of bands like shame, Gallus, and black MIDI, and now we are stoked to help pass along another hyper-talented act that has a similar attitude, but a hypothetical special sauce all it’s own.

Oh, it’s Bandcamp Friday, isn’t it? Well, good thing the band actually has vinyl on the horizon for the EP – check it out here. Going up we’ve got Ando San, SkiN Graft Records, Southpaw Sonata, and so much more! Thanks for reading and have a good weekend, everyone!