sounds to make you shudder
Rob Syers


Here in the States, there is this phenomenon that occurs in certain sentimental people as they hurdle through the center of any given summer. There is no reason for it, other than perhaps, the symmetry of seasons and time itself – some people just really want to celebrate Christmas in July.

Now, we’re not against it. Hell, every year you hear people say they wish every day could be more like Christmas, why don’t they just give in? It’s inexplicable.

That being said, our friends at SKiN Graft Records suffer from a similar affliction, though it’s much easier for us to understand: how about Halloween in July? We’re into it. Last year, SKiN Graft put out a genuinely hair-raising compilation of putrid aural bangers for the Samhain season, featuring acts like Yowie, Terms, USA Nails, and more. It also featured David Yowie of The Jesus Lizard on that Yowie track, which was a lot to take in, but we’ll get to that.

Suffice it to say, the record had some deliciously dark star power, and today we’re excited to announce that there’s an even better way to bring the spirits home as the record’s vinyl pre-order / kickstarter has been finally unveiled. Remember, this is the kind of trip you’re in for – stream the collab between David Yow and Yowie below for a putrid reminder.

Check out the Kickstarter here. Of course, a good deal of you jammed this last year along with us – but personally, we think having a vinyl to bring out at the party would just complete the vibe in a way streaming couldn’t. Also, the hero photo for this article above is “a first look at the mock up for the back of the double LP’s YOWIE Lobby Card. Rob Syers painted it and I cobbled everything together for us. Rob and I designed YOWIE’s debut album just shy of 20 years ago, so we used this as an opportunity to pull off a bit of Cryptooology reunion. If we have our way, the double LP will include 18 of these Lobby Cards on two big uncut sheets – with a full color band photo on the front, and a black and white image like this on the flipside.”

We think that’s pretty sick. Here are a few more words from Mark regarding the project and it’s general special-ness:

All 15 tracks will be pressed across three sides of two 140-gram LPs and enclosed in a full color gatefold jacket. Side four won’t actually include music at all, but will instead be screen-printed with brand new artwork created especially for this vinyl edition. Wrapped across the top of the jacket will be a collectible, Japan-Style “Footlong OBI” and tucked away inside, we’ll include 18 unique Lobby Cards on two uncut sheets. The entire package will be wrapped up in a crystal clear resealable sleeve, so everything can be kept together in one place.

This is our second Kickstarter campaign. In 2018 the Kickstarter community helped make the Dhorimviskha double album from Japan’s progressive-rock powerhouse Koenjihyakkei a reality. The album went on to critical acclaim and was selected by Bandcamp Daily as one of the Best Albums of the Year. We’ve released many records since then and have many more in the works. We would like to continue to squeeze extra-special albums like Sounds To Make You Shudder! in to our release schedule, but unfortunately the challenges independent labels like ours have to contend with are considerable – and have been amplified in the post-pandemic landscape. We’re up against skyrocketing manufacturing costs, a constant barrage of price hikes from the United States Postal Service, shrinking retail space and painfully long turn-around times at the vinyl pressing plants.

Wheels have been in motion, and Sounds To Make You Shudder is tentatively scheduled to be released by Halloween of 2023! To reward supporters for helping to fund the album, we are creating a Kickstarter Exclusive Lobby Card, are offering up the remaining inventory of the first CD pressing and have put together special Expansion Bundles that include new and upcoming releases from bands appearing on Sounds To Make You Shudder. We also have a variety of optional add-ons that can be selected after a reward is chosen… the bands and I hope you’ll consider joining in and will help us bring Sounds To Make You Shudder back to life – bigger, better and more menacing than ever!

Hell yes to that! Remember, these are the folks that brought you bands like Melt-banana, Big’n, and Dazzling Killmen. They know weird when they see it.

And we like weird.

Definitely consider getting in on that kickstart campaign because come that special Halloween, you’ll wish you had it to show off to all your ghouls and robotrons. Coming up we’ve got stuff from Gabba, Ando San, Cotoba, and more! A whole lot more! Buy us coffee here if you’re rolling in it because once again, we are knee-deep in emails. Why do we even bother with vacation. Thanks for reading!