You know, there is always something to be said for brazenness. While it might not always be the answer, it can prove as a uniquely effective mechanism when it comes to making progress, or at least, clearing the way for it.

For instance, one time my friend was truly distraught after returning from Guitar Center one morning because a washed up, but extremely confident player asked him to help start a band called The Real Metallica.

Sure, it was a little on the nose – this was, after all, around the time Saint Anger had come out, = but before it was in any way offensive, it was hilarious – and this is the aesthetic Cloutchaser embraces with aplomb. Remember, these are the guys that named their their last album This is Real Math Rock, and it seems they weren’t messing around, because the new single “Chum Bucket” is a very serious song title, and a very serious song. Check it out below.


Please send thoughts and prayers to this guy’s neck because we have never seen so much windmilling in our entire lives. Also, the duo’s upcoming LP debut has a name, and it’s a really good one. It’s going to be called Metallica. Just take as long as you need to let that sink in. Something tells us the math rock police will not be arresting these boys for plagiarism, but I can’t imagine making it past Lars with his track record. We’re team Cloutchaser though, just so that’s clear.

Regardless, “Chum Bucket” itself is a true crowd pleaser, blending bits of Tera Melos, Hella, and yes, Metallica. In fact, the subtle yet obvious thrash influence is actually the focal point of the song, marking a somewhat distinct change from the irony of the past. It’s still tongue in cheek, but there’s more than enough substance here to keep us coming back for more, real math rock or not.

Peep the pre-order for Cloutchaser’s Metallica here at the Choke Artist Records website. The whole thing is due out on tomorrow. Coming up we’ve got all kinds of math rock goodies and baddies, but most importantly, get outside and enjoy some damn sunshine. Our office job has us dying to live, even if the cubicle is in our living room. Enjoy your weekend and thanks for reading!