all structures align


All Structures Align have followed quite the blueprint with their latest single, and we couldn’t help but make a little time to premier it. The Lincoln UK based project surprised the masses earlier this year already with their Details and Drawings LP, which displayed tight, angular songs that reliably spilled out from post-rock into post-punk, which sounds easy, but trust us, it isn’t.

We’ve seen a number of bands roam similar roads, but one of ASA’s most fundamental strengths is the kind that only family could provide… or at the very least, cloning. Brothers Tim and Adam Ineson (who are most likely not clones but we’d be ok with it if they were) are wholly committed to a stretchy, surrealist style of storytelling that almost comes across like a secret language.

Check out the video for “Every Eye A River” below.

At first, we think we know what we’re up against, but it doesn’t take long for the song’s cryptic contortions to change entirely. Somehow, these twists and turns seem entirely functional, again alluding to some kind of code or symbolic importance shared within the band, but not necessarily with their audience.

However, in the end this hardly takes away from the song’s structural integrity, allowing listeners to pass through as witnesses to the spectacle, however mystified they might be. As a wise, young Frodo said, “Alright, All Structures Align, keep your secrets.”

The band’s upcoming offering Distance and Departure will be coming out later this week on Wrong Speed Records, a label known for hosting clever, spindly post-everything like Part Chimp, Hey Colossus, Enablers, and more.

What a freakin’ Tuesday. We’ve got this, we’ve got Holy Western Parallels, a massive music dump, and more on the way. Peep the All Structures Align page over here and be sure to log some caffeine up into our arteries here to keep the content flowing. Or ya know, don’t. But you probably should. Thanks for reading!