A.M. Overcast


At Fecking, we love a short song, especially when it rips. It might just be decades of obsession over punk and metal songs, but there’s just something special about that level of efficiency, and it’s by this virtue you can bet we dug the hell out of the newest A.M. Overcast.

“Suitable” is a salty sweet, bite-size slab of midwest emo with a chewy math rock center that’s gone before you know it. It’s addictive, too. The melodies are strong, and you want to hear them repeat – but they rarely do. The parts get in, do the job, and get out. Like we said, efficiency. Stream the minute and thirty second banger below and let us know if you agree.

If you check out the pre-order the band just put together with Choke Artist, you’ll find that “Suitable” is relatively late in the track listing for a single. While in the end this means nothing, it’s cool to see a single sourced from later in the sequencing as opposed to the first three tracks, which is kind of an unspoken norm. Normally when we notice this, it means a little more thought has been put into the record in general. It looks like the album is set to be self-titled as well, typically an indicator of increased confidence.

A.M. Overcast is still a hyper blend of pop-punk, emo, math rock and quirky production, with Alex Litinsky recording all of the instrumentals, and presumably vocals as well. Jon Markson does an excellent job separating all the tracks on the mixing/mastering here too, with everything sounding clear and crisp but still retaining lots of character. Even though at first, we kept hearing “suitable” as “super bowl, that doesn’t really add up” and we really liked it.

In the end, which comes abruptly, “Suitable” runs the gamut of math rock touchstones in record time, and loses zero staying power in the process. It’s a pretty sweet feat for the band, and another strong addition to the already insanely high quality Choke Artist catalogue. Keep your eyes out for more from the band in the coming weeks! Peep the pre-order here.

Man, we can hardly believe it’s over – the song, that is. We actually had the good fortune of being able to preview the record in it’s entirety, and there’s no denying – it’s fecking awesome. If you like “Suitable,” you are going to fall head over heels in love with A.M. Overcast’s next offering. We know we did. Coming up, we’ve got some killer stuff for you from bands like Solve for Why, Childspeak, and more. Oh, and don’t forget to caffeinate our bones directly here, or check out our compilations here. Thanks for reading!