EXCLUSIVE // Stream Doppelgänger’s new track ‘Reflectoporn’

Doppelgänger - Press pic

If you are Danish, and/or you like death-pop, alternative, alternative pop, art rock, art pop, math rock, math pop or death-math-pop-rock-alternative pop, there is both a high chance you’ve heard of The Slaughterhouse 5 and a slim chance you’ve heard of their until now secret side-project Doppelgänger…

You may have already seen that TheS5 have been experiencing a bit of downtime recently. The band sadly had to cancel their UK tour last year when the logistics got the better of them. And, in the wake of vocalist Daniel Kousgaard departing for a year to pursue his own film-making ventures, the band inevitably had to change their status to “currently on some sort of a hiatus“. The rest of the band’s members, however, had a contingency plan. And today, we are presenting it to you.

We’re proud to present Doppelgänger’s debut track ‘Reflectoporn’, a booming paroxysm of neo-soul, funk and off-kilter pop grooves. Given the eccentricity of this track, complementary to the idiosyncracies of The Slaughterhouse 5, we can only guess what the future holds for Doppelgänger.

You can get to know Doppelgänger via their Facebook page.