Delta Sleep – Twin Galaxies (2015)

Delta Sleep takes to the water with Twin Galaxies, the long awaited follow up to 2013’s Management. This UK 4-piece’s first full-length release encompasses post-rock, progressive rock, indie, and alternative notions with an unrelenting math-rock sensibility. Both the technical and conceptual maturity of Twin Galaxies is evidence of the band’s growth throughout their existence. Prior to its release, they quipped, “This album has been in our collective womb for so long…”, and this is apparent throughout the album’s discourse.

Twin Galaxies is overflowing with oceanic imagery in both the lyrics and the fluidity of the music. With vocalist Yüceil’s lyrical propensity comprising phrases like “float among these troubled seas” and “now I’m destined for the deep blue sea”, it’s hard not to imagine embarking on some sort of nautically themed excursion, delving into the depths of unknown territory. Even the album artwork, which features a Kraken-like creature surrounding a weary scuba diver, conforms to the motif.

The seamless incorporation of syncopation and meter changes in this album, namely the songs ‘Lake Sprinkle Sprankle’ and ‘Spy Dolphins’, call to mind the choppy rhythms of the ocean itself. Both the complexity of the group’s tight-knit rhythmic tendencies and their expressive, sometimes subtle, melodies constantly vie for the listener’s attention. The closing track, ‘Strongthany’, is a prime example of this musical polarity.

Rather than misting you with a light spray, the luscious narrative of Delta Sleep’s Twin Galaxies will completely immerse you in an ocean of blissful sounds. Go on, dive in.

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Post-rock, indie, math rock, progressive, pop, vocals

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Colour, Quadrilles, Tubelord, Rooftops


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United Kingdom