Cleft – Bosh (2014)

If you didn’t pledge to Cleft’s Kickstarter album support last year, you were the fool. Only because you had to wait an extra couple of months for the multi-faceted BOSH to manifest in your ears. You wouldn’t have known that BOSH explodes into action with ’12 Second Panda’ coalescing sexy staccato riffs with soft glockenspiel, effortless noodling and palm-muted guitar glory. You wouldn’t have known that BOSH‘s undisputable highlight, ‘Hostage’, finishes the album with pounding bass drums building to a monumental breakdown. Overall, you wouldn’t have known that Cleft cover the spectrum of fanciful tech-wizardry, bopping wah-wah funk, hardcore abrasion, slow idyllic melodies and intentially comedic showtunes. But hey, pal, we’re all friends here. If you didn’t already pick it up in the Whale Bone or Utter EPs, it’s obvious that Cleft love pushing their math rock into various skins. Deprived of their Ritalin once again, Cleft’s deliver a cavalcade of genre-suturing, juicy math, and quirky musical antics – the wackiest it has been to date.

File Under

Math rock, post rock, noise rock, progressive, two-piece, instrumental, party mix, wacky

Sounds A Tad Like

Adebisi Shank, Marvin, Axes, Alpha Male Tea Party


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