NEWS // BAD POND RELEASE FIRST WAVE OF BANDS (plus exclusive live footage of Delta Sleep)

For fans of math, and other forms of weirdo rock music, Brighton is increasingly becoming seen as a glimmering promised-land; not only is it home to a serious roster of ridiculously great acts but a thriving live-music scene. And, as 2018 rolls in, one of Brighton’s most formidable promoters, Small Pond,  have released the first wave of bands set to play this year’s edition of the Bad Pond festival; a weekend’s celebration of incredible math/alternative music.

Headlining the festival are two of math-pop’s finest acts: the legendary TTNG and, Brighton’s very own, Delta Sleep – an astonishing group well on their way to stardom, with a follow up LP out later this year. Joining them will be The Physics House Band who, with last year’s epic Mercury Fountain, cemented themselves as one of the most insanely brilliant instrumental groups of all time. Oh and they’re also from Brighton…

Alongside these, there’s also due to be a rare sighting of, elusive groovy math-rockers, Suffer like g did, a show from, not-so-elusive, groovy math-rockers, Chiyoda Ku, a performance from, allstar, stoner riff-gods, InTechnicolour and, for those with more psychedelic leanings, sets from The BrackishCLT DRP and Cousin Kula. Or alternatively, if you’re craving something more chilled, the gorgeous tones of Wild Cat Strike will also be making an appearance. If one thing is for certain, this will be the most eclectic weekend of your year!

Given the way this bill is shaping up, it’s looking to be a painful wait for the fest; fortunately Fecking Bahamas has got that sorted: check out this exclusive live video of headliners Delta Sleep performing their song ‘Strongthany’.

Last year’s lineup was going to take some topping but this year definitely manages to do so; Bad Pond is shaping up to be a ridiculous event, continuing the legacy. But, since this is the case, it’s also immensely popular – Standard tickets are on sale now!