Abelia – Inked (2016)

Inked is the first effort from Dallas band Abelia. A suite comprising eight high energy but soulful groovy math rock tracks, Abelia’s debut features interwoven jangling guitars and off-kilter percussion. Together, the debut parades an array of moods, from the upbeat vivacious ‘RE:Gust’ to the powerful and climactic closer ‘Fruit Salad’, and the Dallas trio are not reserved in showing their musical repertoire.

Have you heard Abelia before? In some ways yes, in other ways definitely no. Inked is a thoughtful and imaginative take on math rock, with Abelia straying far from the jejune major chord noodles of many modern bands in the genre and instead opting for variation and exploring more disjunctive melodic turf. It’s a fun ride, to be sure.

File Under

Instrumental, progressive, math, tappity-tap, disjunctive riffs, angularity

Sounds A Tad Like

Piglet, Loose Lips Sink Ships, Dios Trio, The Bulletproof Tiger


$7 USD digital over @ Bandcamp.


Dallas Mavericks, Texas