NEWS // Argentina will premiere its first math rock festival

15068507_964012357036583_1390061517658985068_oFirst there was ArcTanGent. Then there was Most Excellent Fest. Then there was Bahamas Fest. Then there was Mathroshka. Yes, it seems that there are enough music-hungry punters sprawled across the globe for math rock festivals to be viable. And the latest installment in this long line of odd-metered jamborees is Argentina.

Beunos Aires, to be precise. On December 3rd Argentina’s first math rock festival, Anomalia, will make its debut at the Centro Cultural y Deportivo Campustellae in Sarandi 1280. The line-up features a suite of Argentinian math rock greats, including Hungria, Kjjjjjjjjj, Archipielagos, Diente de Oro, Malviaje, and Trauma-dúo. Music will kick off from 7.30pm and go through til late. It should be a sick night out, and hopefully an event that gets bigger with time!

You can check out the bands playing at Anomalia via our World Of Math interactive map. Just click on Argentina and explore! If you have no idea where Argentina is, try Google Maps and keep on hitting above the belt in the third grade.