EXCLUSIVE // Bobbing offers up a surge of psychedelic math-pop with his new album ‘Thank You for Singing to Me’

In 2016, Feed Me Jack released their magnum opus Ultra Ego and subsequently called it quits. The album proved to be the most bittersweet of swansongs; it took the ears and hearts of math rockers worldwide. Just as their destinies as a game-changing band became a likelihood, the project came apart. Here was a band that was in touch with the delicate balance between technicality and emotion. And then 'here' turned to 'there'.

EXCLUSIVE // Alarmist announce new album ‘Sequesterer’ and share new single

Alarmist’s 2015 record Popular Demain – with its bustling, jigsaw rhythms, fizzing synths and remarkable, pointillist guitar work – was a gamechanger. Continuing the grand tradition of Irish instrumental brilliance, the Dublin act broke boundaries, skirting the worlds of jazz, post-rock and math and flirting with influence from experimental electronica, to produce a bona-fide modern masterpiece (math-sterpiece©™ if you will…).