Dammit Im Mad_0

EXCLUSIVE // Scandinavian eccentrics Dammit I’m Mad are making pop music for the year 3000

Sometimes the universe just wants you to find new music. Fate, kismet, flying spaghetti monster, call it what you will but there is a force out there helping you discover the music that turns you on. And so it was with Sweden’s Dammit I’m Mad. Perhaps it was the name? Maybe the title of the Clash article proclaiming “Extra-Dimensional Pop”? (It wasn’t the masks).

Math Rock Releases of the Month // AUGUST 2018

August, or as we like to pronounce it 'Arctangent', was an absolute killer this year. We've seen some big release from acts like toe, tide/edit and Delta Sleep. We've also had the pleasure of witnessing the annual niche rock festival extraordinaire that is ATG. The seasons are changing across the world around but before we move forward let's do a comprehensive recap of the month that was. As with previous instalments, click a tab below to see our favourite releases of August...