Sally Gates, Trevor Dunn, and Greg Fox


Getting down to the nitty gritty in on the frontiers of metaphysics these days can be pretty overwhelming. Don’t we know it – in fact, some of the more recent lines of questioning we’ve been learning about are true head scratchers, like…

… “Does time actually move backwards and forwards simultaneously, with a third direction resulting from this tandem, resulting in time itself as we know it?”… “Is time as we know it experienced solely through the interaction of light and gravity in perceptual photons?”

Or simply, “is any of this real?”

Horrifyingly to some, this is just scratching the surface of the subject. It’s like philosophies hardest questions using advanced calculus. But hey, we like to have fun when we can, despite the mess. And so do Sally Gates, Trevor Dunn, and Greg Fox – check out this exclusive stream of Deliriant Modifier, the trio’s recent foray into aural pondering below.

There’s definitely been an uptick in our delirious jazz intake recently, which ought to make us wonder, but this trio’s cocktail of nervous vibration is actually somewhat easier to digest than it might have been last year. Maybe we’re just more open minded, but the EP also arrives at a time where we feel ready for it – stuff like Upsilon Acrux, Horse Torso, and the trio in question takes a few spins to comprehend, but rest assured, it’s good for you, and once you adjust to the atmosphere there is much to explore.

Songs like “Macro/Macro” and “Dissolve and Surveil” definitely give us confidence that Sally Gates, Trevor Dunn, and Greg Fox are clearly expert time travelers and/or hallucination wranglers. They start off fierce, but continually reward the listener for hanging on as the album progresses. You might not be able to have one of them as your trip buddy the next time you blast off, but if you’re brave, like really brave, you could maybe take the EP with you.

Your head might explode, though.