Yvette Young – Acoustics EP 2 (2017)

If there are two traits that tie together multi-instrumentalist Yvette Young’s work as a whole; they are beauty and detail. Young’s new EP, her second collection of acoustic compositions, is a solid example of this, creating a gentle, emotive atmosphere that deepens with each song. Every piece centers compositionally around Young’s main axe (though axe seems too aggressive a term here), her guitar.

As always, her playing is complex but never overwhelming. The notes spiral and cascade from the fretboard in a manner that evokes warmth and color. Still, there are various other instruments outside of the acoustic guitar that envelope each composition. Soft synth pads and string instruments such as the harp and violin blend together to help create the ethereal mood. Her lyrics address the hard times that many go through – feelings of tiring with age, struggle to cope with various emotions or lack thereof – but more importantly, a willingness to empathize and connect with others despite, or perhaps because of these issues. A liner note says “these are songs I wrote to help us heal. Thank you.” And if the reviews on Bandcamp are signifiers of anything, her music is helping people heal, indeed.

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Jazz, Ambient, Orchestral, Classical, Acoustic

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Colour, Monobody, TTNG


$5 https://yvetteyoung.bandcamp.com/album/acoustics-ep-2


San Jose, California