Wot Gorilla? – Angel Numbers (2017)

Angel Numbers, the newest EP from Halifax’s auspicious math-pop trio Wot Gorilla? is a rhythmically bombastic display of their growth. The appropriately titled second track ’11:11′ was previously released as a taste of their upcoming effort, and sounded like a blend of some of their EPs New Arrival EP and the most recent …and then there were three…. Considering the latter title is not only another Genesis reference but also an allusion to their loss of a guitar player, the fullness of their latest material is even more impressive as a trio.

The first song, ‘Kikuna’, is an in-your-face introduction to the sound they have been honing. Melodic, angular riffs and no lack of screaming from Mat Haigh combine to create a heavy, intense timbre that keeps the listener on the edge of their seat. Continuing this trend, the third track, ‘Watch Out for the Tentacle!’ is a well composed, comprehensive testament to each band member’s dynamic playing style. The melodic breaks, syncopated rhythms, and sudden meter changes throughout this EP are reminiscent of bands like Blakfish and Tubelord, accompanied by Wot Gorilla?’s keen sense of catchy songwriting. It’s all a lot to chew on, and an enticing listen for connoisseurs of technical music.

‘Soak’ is a diverse and detailed piece that brings Angel Numbers to a satisfying close with a mixture of heavy progressive rock and and atmospheric soundscapes. The music fades away, leaving behind a plethora of memorable sections and an urge to hear them all over again.

File Under

Math-pop, Prog-rock

Sounds A Tad Like

Dartz!, Blakfish, Yes, Tubelord


£5 on Bandcamp


Halifax, United Kingdom