Cloud Nine(9)- Passage Of Time (2014)

This morning has been really sucky for me; I was awoken by a baby bird in my back garden and I came to the realization that we had no coffee in the house. With the trip to ASDA being five minutes too long for my currently fragile body to even consider I figured I would drag myself from my bed to my computer and throw on some choons. This detailed reflection of my morning is appropriate for two reasons: (i) I feel like its perfectly acceptable for me to use the responsibility given to me as a writer to complain about my morning; (ii) I need everyone to know how my morning has been made better by Cloud Nine(9)’s new release.

Cloud Nine(9) have been active since January, and having released three solid EPs in that time, they show no sign of slowing down. Made up of a smorgasbord of tasty Japanese talent (ex-members of Lop Abuse On Somebody, giraffe, The Minx And Misanthrope and Lug) they are truly a powerhouse of a band. Their newest release Passage Of Time is a truly masterful piece of work that reflects every band members proficiency. The album is a gentle and charming release which shows an amazing understanding of space and dynamics. Many of Japanese post rock familiarities are here: angular chord progressions, idyllic guitar tones, and spicy grooves. Clocking in at thirteen minutes, and free for all to download, you have absolutely no excuse.

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Post rock, emo, instrumental, soothing, math rock

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Lop Abuse On Somebody, Enemies, Uchu Conbini, MOMA, toe, LITE




Osaka, Japan