When LITE came to play at the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds, as part of the most enviable line-up we’d seen in a long while (with Cleft and The Physics House Band in support), we decided to take the opportunity to chat with the guys about their music making, and Nobu shared one of the band’s biggest influences. Top chap. Here’s what he had to say about B EP by Battles…

“So, my favourite band is Battles. When I first saw them it was almost 10 years ago; they came to Japan with [The] Mars Volta. They were playing as the opening band, but I dug it! We started playing post rock music before they came to Japan, but we didn’t know how to make an impression. But after they came to Japan we dug it and we wanted to be like them. So that was a big influence.”

“B EP feels original. [It’s] very unique. We wanted to be like them because… the only one is the best one. I really wanted to play in a way that’s like “nobody can do that!”’