Shortly before defying both power cuts and the elements in order to deliver one of the sets of the weekend at ArcTanGent, we caught up with Boston post-rock titans Caspian to talk about what fuels their fire musically. Initially apprehensive to put all six of their names to one album, we eventually found the common ground upon which House Caspian is built.

Philip (guitar)

I don’t think we’ve ever actually sat down as a band and discussed what our biggest influences are. It’s hard, you know?

Joe (drums)

I think we can all come together on Radiohead, but whether we’d all say the same album as our number one, I don’t know. Most of us can come together on Led Zeppelin. That was my first connection with Phil, when I found out he was a huge Zep fan. We’re all fans of older 70s prog rock.


I think I have it! ‘Low Level Owl Vols I and II’ by Appleseed Cast is probably the one that we can all agree on that brings us all together. That’s where it all started for us.

That’s the one, we’ve got it! If we ever get asked again we’ve got our go to: ‘Appleseed Cast – next question!’.

As luck would have it, Caspian are heading out on a North American tour with their heroes in support in October and November. Needless to say they are excited, promising ‘one of the best nights of your life’ should you make it out!