There has been plenty of promise of a new album by Japanese math rock page rippers tricot. The recent single ‘Break‘ premièred on social media a month ago and it has been turning heads and ears across the world. If this is any indication of what the next release will be like, we can’t wait. We at Fecking Bahamas has received a lot of support from tricot; the girls even helped us design the artwork for our Japan compilation! They’re a swell bunch.

As math-rock-cum-indie band, tricot musical influences would no doubt be elusive. We asked guitarist Motoko ‘Motifour’ Kida what album has influenced her the most. Here’s what she said…

“It’s a Japanese band and they’ve already broken up, but I was so affected by NUM-HEAVYMETALLIC from NUMBER GIRL. I was listening to this album when I just began to play the guitar and I was so excited by everything from this album, such as its Japanese urges and alternative, catchy and sharp guitar phrases. It was new to me.”