Jitters – Untitled (2014)

A band’s personality can sometimes be recognised by looking beyond their sound, especially when you’re dealing with, say, a duo who introduce themselves to the world with a brash release nonchalantly named Untitled, represented graphically by a not-well-specified but mathematically challenging geometric figure, and opening with a 30-seconds blast of that kind of noise you’d expect at the end of a sweaty hour-and-forty-five gig.

Jitters’ madcap manifesto starts here, and they keep fearlessly declaring who they are at every single second, from ‘Carnivorous Habits’ onwards. The overall motif is loud, urgent, ironic and intense. Danny Piechocki (drums) gallops around like a crazy horse drawing broken and disjunctive percussion segments, many of which undeliberately head towards hardcore, free-jazz, math or latin phrasing. Nathan Corder (guitar) shouts stories out through brisk and fuzzy-as-hell guitar tones that perform well both on Tubescreamer mood and in a nice clean Fender-bright range. Occasional guitar loops and other pedal tricks often embellish but never take over.

Jitters appear to have no frontiers in their explorations. It’s not suprising to find them flicking through the hypnotic, angular, somehow majestic feeling noise – topped up with a psy-bossanova touch – in tracks like ‘Wake up Gary,’ the organic, neurotic, mildly sci-fi ‘Pupios’ or the raging, expressive, uniquely romantic, mysterious and intelligently weaved closer ‘Bench Press Cattle.’ Untitled is an intense yet smooth experience, never boring, often surprising, mostly ear-bleeding.

File Under

Math rock, Punk, Noise rock, two-piece, DIY

Sounds A Tad Like

Schnaak, Ahleuchatistas, Hella




Tampa, FL