TIP YA HAT (LIVE) – Space Blood

We expected nothing less from Chicago weirdos Space Blood. We propositioned the band for a cover from one of their most inspirational albums, to which they supplied us this: Shellac‘s staple track ‘Squirrel Song’ complete with android spoken word. Space Blood, a bass a drum duo, are slowly bringing a new slab of cool to math rock with their double threat of dissonance and minimalism, something so pertinent to fellow Chicagoids Shellac. The other aspect of ‘Squirrel Song’ being a rather unsurprising choice is that the band clearly have a passion for classic math rock. William and Sam will talk for hours on old math rock greats like U.S Maple, Bitch Magnet, and their beloved Slint.

The band are currently traversing the heathers of the United Kingdom drinking buckfast and bewildering locals with their zany and overtly physical show. Check the dates below and make your way out for something you won’t expect…

22/09 @ Gullivers, Manchester
w/ Body Hound, Wot Gorilla?, Bearfoot Beware

23/09 @ Old Blue Last, London
w/ Theo, Quadrilles, itoldyouiwouldeatyou

24/09 @ The Exchange, Leicester
w/ He Was Eaten By Owls, Broken Oak Duet, Spanish Wives

25/09 @ JT Soar, Nottingham
£4 or £3 NUS
w/ He Was Eaten By Owls, Bellow Below, Irk

26/09 @ Liquor, Lincoln
w/ Bear Makes Ninja, Temple Steps