EXCLUSIVE // Watch Theo perform his new track ‘Gecarcoidea Natalis’

Did you ever try playing tennis with yourself as a kid, lobbing the ball up super high so that you could run over to the other side of the court and hit the ball back to yourself? Well fuck it, I admit I did. And its no mean feat. I figure its the same for London musician Theo, who woke up one morning and decided he was going to play every instrument at once.

Sure he’s got a swathe of technology on his side, a loop station that helps him stack layers of guitar and percussion atop each other. But bear in mind that he is doing all of this in front of a live audience, staring at him as he waits for the perfect second for the tracks to sync up right. He has to work harder than your average band; not only does he have to deliver a reasonable performance on every instrument, but he has to manage the accumulating layers of sound from each instrument at once. His fiercely solo mission has allowed him to share the stage with the likes of Toe, TTNG and Tangled Hair.

Today we’ve got Theo’s back with this exclusive live session, recorded 100% live, in one take with 3 camera angles via the lovely Papercrane Recordings. Fun fact: Theo introduced me to the music of Nitkowski, and years later I still haven’t paid him back for the stellar suggestion.

Theo’s latest EP Hope Solo is available via Barely Regal Records. You can also keep track of Theo via his Facebook page.