Three Trapped Tigers – Route One Or Die (2012)

Behold the true antipasto of noise: Route One Or Die by Three Trapped Tigers. This album is dripping in content: overtly angular melodies, ambient reverberation, scorching guitar hooks, snare bashing wizardry, and beautifully eccentric electronica. It appears that Three Trapped Tigers found music’s greatest yet most elusive Ark of the Covenant: the balance between overt technicality and musical coherency. The songs of Three Trapped Tigers wander across various rhythms, motifs, and genres, whilst showcasing their jaw-dropping skill base as musicians. Yet, every song returns to its prescribed foundations almost effortlessly. ‘Ulnastricter’ begins with a haunting and moody ambience comparable to Boards of Canada, only to fully unzip a beguiling electronic recklessness rich in abrasive grind similar to old math-core juggernauts like The Locust and Genghis Tron. Despite its apparent heterogeneity, ‘Ulnastricter’ still emerges as a cohesive package. I urge you to try this at home: load up Three Trapped Tigers’ bandcamp player, listen to any song, and upon finishing have a quick scroll back through random parts in the song – the variety of sound will strike you. Results work best with ‘Cramm, ‘Drebin’, ‘Ulnasticter’ and ‘Reset’.

The best aspect of Route One Or Die, and Three Trapped Tigers in general, is the exciting uncertainty of how many dimensions your ears will be taken across. And, at the end, they’re still going to get a lift back home. At ease, Indiana; the Ark is in good hands.

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Post rock, math rock, jazz, progressive, metal, experimental, bizarro, ethereal, distortion, odd rhythms, multi-genre, instrumental, angularity, disjointed riffs.

Sounds a tad like

Adebisi Shank, Battles, Genghis Tron


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