You know, a few years back there was this band called Twelve-Foot Ninja. They had an interesting sound, but beyond anything they ever did musically, we keep coming back to one of their music videos. Particularly when examining our own work flow. In the video for “One Hand Killing,” the band memorably visits a few variations on how to express just how busy they’ve been, including our favorite “busier than a cat burying shit on concrete.”

That’s about where we’re at. But of course, dear reader, so are you, most likely. Probably for the same reasons. Or at least, vaguely related ones – because y’all released a bunch of amazing stuff the last month and a half. These Tuesday Dumps just get bigger. And better. And we just scratch the surface!

Let’s count things in with some Catbamboo. Ky and company display equal parts prog and swan-core influence on the band’s first full length, bringing a hell of a lot of friends for the ride as well. We see former A Lot Like Birds vocalist Kurt Travis pop up, Thomas Erak makes an appearance, and Scottish shred sensation Moray Pringle as well. Overall, Fervor is everything you’ve come to expect from the ever-evolving Baton Rouge quartet, as their rain of fiery fusion licks are met with even slicker production.

FFO: Eternity Forever, CHON, Strawberry Girls


Then we have a new single from Wander, who made waves a couple years back with dynamic yet danceable post-rock on their debut March. “Daybreak” plays like an epic day on the California coast, and keeps the band’s established pulse steady, but rising. It’s beyond fitting that the sun-soaked video was paired up with the song. Their next album Home comes out in just a few days, and we’re excited to see what other moody, crescendoing cuts they have in store for us.

FFO: Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky, ASIWYFA

Mobilities is up next with some juicy Portland indie that’s often math rock adjacent, but flirts with a number of genres simultaneously. The band’s new album Sideways Days takes things to a new level – and then makes it kind of weird. It’s theatric, even menacing at times, and always has this late 90’s hard rock edge to it. Thankfully, it doesn’t take its influences too seriously, and the results are pretty easy to enjoy no matter what angle you approach it from.

FFO: The Poison Arrows, Exotic Animal Petting Zoo, Horse Torso

Then we have the ultra mega badass New Jersey emo shred of Cardinal, the new album by In Angles. The band’s reputation for speed and melody is fully out in the open here, but they also experiment with some cool textures, and the vocals sound better than ever.

FFO: A Lot Like Birds, Save Us From the Archon, Hail the Sun

Next we have a little something left of field with Barky, a project we think best described by themselves as “skronky” and “avant jazz meets power rock.” There are a number of ways you could interpret those depending on the ratios and internal bias, but trust us, it’s pretty cool. Check out the skronky, muscular strut of their new album Top Flight below.

FFO: bygones, Shake the Baby Till the Love Comes Out, Los Webelos

Of course, we consider ourselves a little baited when it comes to Cloutchaser, whose debut is literally called This is Real Math Rock. And hey, they’re not wrong? Kind of? There is lots of math, no doubt, and most of it pretty dexterous. It’s joyfully off the wall in the melodic sense to boot, with frightening twelve finger tap figures and sweep pick absurdity dancing all over the place atop freakish drum grooves. Ah, to hell with it. It is real math rock. It’s also other things.

FFO: Elaine the Singer, Rings of Saturn, Pound

Now for something a little closer to home. A-Tota-So delivered a new album just days ago, which actually sounds a good deal different then we would have expected. Featuring a dizzying array of vocalists from a wide range of acts like God Alone, St. Pierre Snake Invasion, and Sugar Horse. You might not have guessed it from the first single, but Lights Out is more importantly a collection of heavier songs in general, which all things considered is a pretty exciting direction for the band.

FFO: Delta Sleep, Russian Circles, The Body

The new JYOCHO also defied expectations, and we thought now was a good time to squeeze mention of their new album in. The beautifully accessible and effortlessly complex new album Let’s Promise to Be Happy was everything we wanted and more from Daijiro Nakagawa and co, but also a lot more. The group is sounding particularly inspired here, and there’s a special emotional quality to this record that never sounds contrived, or anything other than the emotion promised – happy.

FFO: Lite, Elephant Gym, Yvette Young

We were also stoked to hear there was new FES on the horizon. The band’s soulful guitars and vocals are a winning combination, and the vaguely prog and psychedelic notions teased here only have us more intrigued. “Clarinet” is an entertaining journey though, especially towards the end with the vocal call-backs and funky finish line. It’s a lot of mileage for three minutes and thirty seconds, and we’re excited to see what comes next. With Regards From Home comes out this April.

FFO Johnny Foreigner, Great Grandpa, Rest Ashore

Last but not least, we freaked out a little bit when we heard the new Parachute Day. The Chicago shredsters took us by surprise on of our most recent Facebook lurk patrols. It’s chunky, but lean enough for you to hear some originality in there, or at least some really good chemistry. Heck, we’ll take both if that’s the case. At times, it almost djents, but it does so tastefully. There are some really sick lines here, no matter what instrument you’re tuning into. Here’s hoping we hear more from them soon.

FFO: Floral, Snooze, Sithu Aye

Ok, actually we saw this really cool Bandcamp compilation for a really cool cause, and thought you should see this too. There are like, a hundred tracks here, and you’re bound to hear several you like. Give it a shot!

FFO: Tides of Man, We Lost the Sea, Moss Mountain

Again, we’re just scratching the surface here. Y’all keep leveling up. Meanwhile, we’ve got a couple fantastic interviews coming up, as well as Treefort Music Fest coverage and an inside look at Robert Lang Studio with Childspeak and Marcel Fernandez while they track their new album. There’s also ton of sick new tunes to we’re just waiting to expose you to. You’ll just have to wait a couple weeks! Until then, you know where to find us. Happy Tuesday!