Sparkspitter – DOXA (2015)

As they approach the first anniversary of their debut full length TECHNÊ, Adelaide’s Sparkspitter have unleashed their good spirit and released the free satellite EP DOXA, a compilation of B-sides that were left in the cutting room last year. And, needless to say, the five track release demonstrates the Aussie trio’s flair in finding a medium between experimentation and fluidity.

At their heart, Sparkspitter are well aligned with kraut rock, and this becomes evident as ‘Jinx’ kicks into life. Pulsing elaborate rhythms are merged with dreamy, resonating guitar tonality, creating a distinct sound that only be described as hypnotic. What follows is essentially a three part epic ignited by the ethereal ‘Caesure Non Supra’, climaxing with the wildly upbeat ‘Capacity’ and concluding with ‘Edict’. ‘Pretty Wave’ closes DOXA rather abrasively with punchy rhythms and a beautiful use of strings and acid jazz style brass.

DOXA is far more than cutting room detritus, it is an extension of Sparkspitter’s vision that was so exquisitely illustrated in TECHNÊ. The combination of groovy and dreamy qualities in the record evoke the mystical but upbeat experience that often encompasses kraut rock. What we have here is a mechanically complex and unquestionably cerebral release from an intelligent group of songwriters.

File Under

Experimental, math rock, post rock, soothing, indie, pop, instrumental

Sounds A Tad Like

Enemies, Battles

Standout Tracks

Jinx, Capacity


Name it, padawan


Adelaide, Australia