SNEAK PREVIEW // Trevor Magaña (Hollow Ran) releases acoustic math rock track for diy4life compilation

Trevor Magaña is one of the nicest dudes you will ever meet. Congenial toward everyone, you can usually catch him playing Kendama at shows or messing around with his gameboy-like DJ device between sets. He’s also, of course, known as one half of Orange County’s math rock power-duo Hollow Ran. Magaña will premiere two solo tracks on diy4lyfe records’ new compilation, Start Thinking About Someone Else tomorrow, as part of his acoustic math rock solo project Tractal. Today, prior to the release of the compilation, we are offering a sneak preview of ‘Home’.

While the track has a strong acoustic folk sensibility, the math rock influence becomes obvious as the song progresses. “Math rock definitely inspires material when it comes to structuring but the content comes from a variety of influences,” says Magaña, “lots of indie, jazz, post hardcore. Other stuff like reading, video games, good conversations always keep me inspired too.”

Start Thinking About Someone Else will be available on digital download and cassette this Friday on the diy4lyfe records bandcamp.