EXCLUSIVE // Watch Lambhorn’s “Without Waves” live session

It’s always a pleasure stumbling on a band with drive and ambition to further themselves creatively. It’s these bands that stand out from the crowd because of the ways in which they keep their audience engaged through constantly releasing material that is both fresh and interesting. Lambhorn, however, have something that raises them above the rest, something that really makes them stand out from the often saturated instrumental scene. Drummer Oliver Cocup pulls some of the greatest drum faces you will ever see. And he’s also a pretty good drummer.

The Bristol four-piece have shown no signs of stopping. After recently releasing their debut EP Earthlight and already moving on to record a follow up, the band have returned to premiere a live session for their new track ‘Without Waves’ right here on the Fecks. This session, shot by Paul Samuel White, has Lambhorn exerting their full musical strength, from the blissful melodic opening to the pummeling distorted hook-heavy finish.

Lambhorn will be playing the Stag and Hounds for Free For All fest with Cathodes, Beggar, Ghost of the Avalanche and many more later this month.