Shipley Hollow – Change (2017)

After being teased on Shipley Hollow’s social media with impressive live sessions of tracks from Change, it became apparent that more than just the band’s line-up had, well, changed. Their longstanding vocalist, synth player and drummer departed together in September forcing a change in their writing process. Change opens with a fairly steady, almost metal-like, beat and bass riff but the EP quickly turns into something a lot more fun and experimental, full of quick time changes and mellow vocals. This time, the vocals seem like more of a texture at times and guitars are even more prominent. As ever, groovy time changes and intelligent writing play an important part in Shipley Hollow’s music.

New vocalists Sean Clarey and Sean Dennis repeatedly sing the line “this is temporal”, building to crescendo during final track ‘Big Empty’ to close the EP. We’ll be keeping a close eye on what Shipley Hollow do next, their next album with new line-up is sure to be an anticipated one.

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Math rock, Alt-rock, Indie, Vocals, Odd rhythms

Sounds A Tad Like

Monobody, Cleanup, Hikes


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Toronto, Canada