Elders – S/T (2017)

This is the first offering from Floridian quartet, and if the music matched the beauty of the album art, we wouldn’t have been disappointed. Luckily for Elders, the EP does just that. After a few seconds of calm introductory guitars, the listener is plunged into tight and technical riffs. Upbeat and clever, Elders maintains inventive riffs from the start, through a catchy tapping section in mid-point track ‘Why Don’t Poor People Just Buy More Money?’ and ending with fluid bass runs in EP closer ‘John Doe’. Elders is an EP that the listener can get something new from each listen and it fills the Father Figure shaped hole that was left when they disbanded last year. If funky, groovy jams are your thing, we guarantee you’ll have this on repeat.

File Under

Jazz, Funk, Fusion, Instrumental, Odd rhythms, Happy

Sounds A Tad Like

Father Figure, Suffer Like G Did, The Physics House Band


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Florida, USA