PENs+ – Soccer (2014)


If you have followed Fecking Bahamas for any amount of time you have probably taken note of our fondness for Japan and their unmatched ability to produce incredibly influential, proficient musicians into a clearly blossoming math scene. With bands like Lite and Toe solidifying Japan’s place as one of the keystone areas within the global scene; it’s no wonder new bands are continuously rising to the surface.

Tokyo math kids PENs+ are new to the scene but have already made me want to throw in the towel as a musician; this is another band whose proficiency in their instruments makes you want to be sick out of your eyeballs. Soccer, their surprisingly quick follow up to Rules!, has been on loop in my house for the past two days now and its honestly done wonders to my mood. Poppy guitar lines and cheery rhythms make it almost impossible not to listen to without a small grin on your face. The three track EP has so much energy and life to it, partly down to the simplicity of its production and arrangement. This raw approach to writing and production is one of the bands most appealing traits, and although the instrumentation can be chaoticly complex at times they never lose their elegance.

Soccer is strong sophomore release that overflows with charm and charisma. Its strengths lie in its ability to be both a beautifully crafted melodic math EP but also have a gentle pop sensibility. Definitely worth investing 13 minutes of your time.

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Math rock, Emo, Punk, Japan

Sounds A Tad Like

Number Girl, Tricot, Invalids


¥700 via the PENS+ online store