Origami JP – EP (2015)

Origami JP have finally got around to releasing their EP, and suddenly we know what they’re about. Cutting to the chase, Origami JP EP is a surprising development that not only cements the importance of young rockers Origami JP in the math-rock scene, but also presents them with a clear-cut, unmistakable image.

It was mildly upsetting to find that these kids are younger than I am, but Origami JP is clearly comprised of a fine selection of fully fledged musicians more than capable of producing an adult sound to rival scene leaders. Their sound appears representative of their upbringing, their youth becoming a boon that allows their knowledge of math rock to have blossomed when their minds were still fresh and full of ideas. Fellow countrymen, Toe, were clearly a massive influence, but the sound has echoes of American Football and Pretend in its occasional nods to indie. Enemies and Six Gallery also spring to mind, especially during the saxophone rich closer ‘Kiitos’ where the indie influence shines brightest of all.

The EP as a whole focuses heavily on the guitar work as the key element, relying on it to produce both a complex sound, and a smoothing effect that prevents needlessly abrasive music. The drums are an interesting contrast as they use 16th notes to create a well-known indie-rock beat. On other tracks, the drumming is sparse, erratic and complex, lending the album a sort of tasting-palate feel.

There is heavy diversity in this EP, from song to song, but also between Origami JP and other bands in the scene. Despite their obvious influences and careful adherence to music theory, they have succeeded in creating an established individuality that gives the album a calm, retrospective feeling. Their youth has not set them back, rather becoming a tool which they have utilised extremely effectively, and I look forward to a full length release.

File Under

Math Rock, Emo, Post Rock, Angular, Indie

Sounds A Tad Like

Enemies, tide/edit, toe, Owls


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Tokyo, Japan