Nojikas – Disintegrations (2016)

Brexit. Auto-tuned vocals. Atheists who think they are God’s gift to rationality. People have honk their horn for more than one second duration. People who always use superlatives to describe things or events. People that write ‘your welcome’ when they post something on Facebook, as an presumption that they need to be thanked for their revolutionary and zeitgeist-altering contribution. People that write ‘your welcome’ instead of ‘you’re welcome’ when they post something on Facebook. Films by Baz Luhrrman. Screenplays by Aaron Sorkin. People that say they ‘literally’ died. Freemium apps. Potatoes with an apostrophe. Anything without an apostrophe. Pant legs slightly rolled up as if they were crop tops. Mob mentalities.

These are some the things that cause my mind to sound like Nojikas’ album.

File Under

math rock, instrumental, tappity-tap, angularity, punk, noise rock

Sounds A Tad Like

nuito, Marmalade butcher, yoso-wa-yoso


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