This question has been plaguing us for decades, naye, months. Dance is best executed where there are clear divisive pulses. So how does one dance to math rock and other odd-metered music? There have been some attempts in the past. Our own Paul Sutherland has never shied away from a math rock dance either. But there appears to be no clear consensus. Is there a right way forward?

We were proud as punch when we saw this champ nailing it. Snapped at a Noxious Foxes show in London, put on by our wonderful friends in SPREAD, this carefree dancer known as Anonymous, is not afraid to loosen up his muscles for a jig. Anonymous was reported to be swaying relentlessly through Noxious Foxes’ entire set of polyrhythmic folly.

In conclusion, while math rock dancing is probably a subjective affair, the ambiguous sway is likely to be your best bet when it comes to letting loose at a math rock gig. Props go out to Anonymous for setting the record straight, and having the confidence to bear all while his fellow crowd stand by conservatively nodding. Legend.