NEWS // The Fall Of Troy and Hikes will be heading to Japan this June


Coming off the back of their surprise album release OK last year, mathcore overlords The Fall Of Troy will be bringing their bombastic fury to Japanese fans for the very first time in June. Joining them on the road will be Texas math-folk stalwarts Hikes, not to mention a healthy hand of regional acts.

The month long tour, organised by Dead Foxx, will commence in Tokyo and will include two special shows featuring track-by-track live rehearsals of their landmark albums Manipulator and Doppelganger. The band will also play shows in Nara, Nagoya, and a special ‘Dead Foxx American Village Festival’ in Osaka, which sounds uber-tantalising. A string of top notch Asian bands will offer support, including NENGU, Elephant Gym, Lagitagida and (fucking) NUITO.

David Isick of Dead Foxx has the same degree of stoked-ness as we do: “I just want to say that we were patient in curating this. The last tour I booked with Hikes inspired me to put this together for TFOT. It was a calculated risk; TFOT has never played here before, so I didn’t want to book huge places. I wanted to stick to midsize venues and offer a treat. Tim the older bassist has family obligations, so it came as a pleasant surprise that Drew (formely of CHON) decided to fill in and save the tour that we worked so long to get going. I am so thankful that they decided to take this trip.

Here are the list of dates and supporting acts…

June 16th- @Shibuya Cylcone*
With Special Guest 大象體操 Elephant Gym (Taiwan) and recently reunited Green Milk from the Planet Orange.

June 17th- @Shibuya Garret
“Doppelganger Night”
With LAGITAGIDA, The Azukiwashers, and Staghorn(USA)

June 18th- @Shibuya Garret
“Manipulator 10 year anniversary”
With soha, NENGU, Loqto, and Salsa japanese band.

June 20th- @NARA Neverland*
Guest TBA

June 21st- @KYOTO Gattaca*

June 23rd- @NAGOYA Jammin*
With Unveil Raze and LOST

June 25th- @OSAKA Hokage*
“Dead Foxx American Village Festival”
With Hikes, Staghorn, much more TBA