EXCLUSIVE // Stream the new album from Static Masks

Static Masks_bandphoto2017_small

After a couple of years on the scene, New Orleans quartet Static Masks will evolve to a higher form of Pokemon as they release their debut album this Friday. Late Bloomer wanders gracefully between the boundaries of math rock, shoegaze, indie and emo revival. It’s eight tracks are punchy but unhinged, coherent but just a little askew to keep things unpredictable. We’re loving it here in FB-land so this week we’re bringing it to you a little earlier.

The album bursts into life with ‘Aware Wolf’, a mathy alternative rock feast comprising angular guitar melodies and vocals with the dreamy, gaze-y quality of My Bloody Valentine and Slow Dive. As Late Bloomer progresses, the band bring back nostalgic emo vibes of Mineral and The Promise Ring and combine it with gentle discordance, culminating in the resonating closer ‘Devils’. Late Bloomer is sure to turn some heads this month and Static Masks will be a band to keep an eye on from here on in…

bathingLate Bloomer will be released this Friday the 24th of March. You can pre-order the release right now over at the Static Masks bandcamp page. Don’t let The Man tell you how to dress.