trigger cut


Fire. What a word, especially today – it’s got so many meanings. For instance, earlier this year, Trigger Cut faced a literal fire in their rehearsal space, ravaging their equipment and no doubt rattling their mental cages as well.

Then there’s the more modern application of the word – as in, Soot, the new Trigger Cut album is fire. Blustering, triumphant, noisy fire.

Soot rambles recklessly through the wreckage of the band’s past on songs like the girthy “Water Fuckery” and “Soot Song,” in which reverberating towers of wailing noise and tornadoes of twang evoke the energy of disaster itself.

Check it out the madness below.

The record simultaneously celebrates and exacts revenge upon the circumstances that brought it to light. Surely some of the material had been written before the fire, but anyone that’s lost equipment knows what a deeply detrimental effect it can have on you mentally, even if it’s immediately replaced. Soot manages to wear this exhaustion on its sleeve while also casting it out in the process.

Is cathartic the right word? It is certainly one of the right words, but in a way it feels almost like more of a time capsule. Luckily, the record’s front to back cavalcade of flagrant, antagonistic tunes will keep us coming back, no matter what it reminds us of.

Now that’s fighting fire with fire.

There were so many potential puns and titles for this article: wearing a soot, a record from the ashes, exacting the elements of revenge… ugh. Anyway. Soot is a badass record and you can check it out here, along with the rest of the band’s discography on Bandcamp. You can also buy us a coffee here if you’d like, that way we can put out any small fires in our bedroom. It’s just as wet as water, it’ll be fine. Coming up we’ve got Hey! Tonal, Ahleuchatistas, an interview with our mom, and more. Thanks for reading!