Tintoretto, one of Milwaukee math rock’s most revered 90’s exports, have not only re-released their material through Expert Work Records, but also re-recorded it. Originally, the material they recorded with Eric Atkinson that would have made up a full-length was divided between an EP and a 4-way split.

After breaking up in the early 2000’s, as the years went on they got to talking again and at first, they thought they could just compile everything as is. However, they promptly decided to redo everything at Howl Street Recordings with engineer Shane Hochstetler and have it mastered by the legendary Carl Saff.

In a bold and brilliant move, Tintoretto actually included all of the versions on Bandcamp, but the new recordings have a swag all their own – check out “Dying Days” below courtesy of Expert Work Records:

If you check out both versions of songs like “Are You Still Dying Darling,” you can hear how the ratios of influence from bands like June of 44, Shipping News, and Rodan change over time, and it adds a ton of replay value because there’s merit in every version of every song here. For instance, the original mix of “I Betray My Friends” peels the paint off the walls with corrosive aggression, and the re-recorded version splatters new shades all over them with a slightly more mature sounding take. We will take them both, please.

Remember, Tintoretto is the band that also spawned Call Me Lightning and Murder in the Red Barn, who also re-released their material today. Chicago gets the spotlight, but perhaps Milwaukee can even the playing field a bit if they keep it up with this math rock resurgence. We’ll keep you posted!