subtle spaces


Subtle Spaces are possibly playing it a bit coy with their name. If their new single “Idol Body” is any indication, the band actually needs little to no subtlety at all.

Soaring vocals? Check. Melodically and rhythmically dense guitar lines? Check. Chunky bass and drum action? Check. The band cooks with all the right ingredients, but all in all, Subtle Spaces seem intent to prove they’re more than just the some of their parts. Check out the results below.

The Las Vegas trio play a dangerous but rewarding game with “Idol Body.” While leaning heavily on emo and post-punk on it’s surface, the single’s mathy underpinnings that will likely keep listeners coming back. Michael Haddad’s flickering guitar lines in the bridge bring to mind hay-day favorites like TTNG and early-era Minus the Bear, retaining a somber edge throughout.

“Idol Body” pulls no punches. It hooks it’s way into your ears, says it’s piece, and leaves you wanting more. This is a trait we appreciate more and more as our various playlist durations reach the near-infinite. But considering the self described “mathy emo with ambient flavor” tagline on their Bandcamp, we’d be happy to see them indulge in some of that as well.

Simply put, the lads clearly know how to write a decent song. As those last tippy-taps and piano notes ring out, you can’t help but wonder what’s next. Also, for what it’s worth, I’ve met Michael Haddad a handful of times on tour with his old band. From what I remember, we had a blast, and his band slept on my floor in Eugene. We may or may not have experimented with something I believe the kids refer to as ‘dabs.’ Like I said, I barely remember.

Hazy memories indeed. But good ones.

Check out Subtle Spaces on Bandcamp here for the band’s discography! Their other single certainly features more ambient/electronic influence, so we’re excited to see where all this is headed. So until then, we’ll keep you posted.