EXCLUSIVE // Stream a live 3D session from Yoink

I think it is fair to say that many supergroups turn out to be piles of shit. Every so often a couple of diamonds emerge from the rough: Bad Company, Cream, Blind Faith. Ok, so what if we were to tell you of a math rock supergroup comprising oddball loopers Noxious Foxes, crazy duo Feuding Fathers and members of Marnie Stern‘s band?

Yoink, like their Noxious brethren, are a band that disregards the grace of intricate clean-toned guitar phrases, ubiquitous in the math rock scene. Naye, all signs of concordance are thrown out the window. The riffs are angular, the percussion is odd-metered and the overall vibe is like a car crashing into a toy store. And all is well-encased in this wonderful 3d live video of their track ‘Spirit Bomb’. Be sure to move them cursors around to get the full panoramic view of the session!

‘Spirit Bomb’ comes from Yoink’s debut album Yankee Oscar India November Kilo, out on May 30th. The band also have a busy tour schedule through June, which we strongly recommend you get on board with…

5/31 – Albany NY @ House of Scum w/ Deathvacation, Megan the Runt
6/1 – Montreal, Québec @ Quai des Brumes w/ Burglary Years, Smithers
6/3 – Boston MA @ Track Shack w/ Invalids, Good Game, Thickets
6/7 – Philadelphia PA @ Pharmacy w/ Mage Hand, Loadcard, Vertex Pro
6/10 – Richmond VA @ Good Day RVA House w/ Navi, Night Idea
6/15 – Brooklyn NY @ The Gateway w/ Bangladeafy, Three Trapped Tigers

trappistYankee Oscar India November Kilo is out next week. You can stay up to date with Yoink via their Facebook page. This is a band you shouldn’t be sleeping on. In fact, I’m personally sensing a 2017 favourite around here…