NEW MUSIC // Son Step unveil warped video for new single ‘Pluto Chakras’

Son Step have an eye for the oddball. The Philadelphia quartet’s arsenal comprises quirky synthesizer textures, folky vocal harmonies, and knotty drum lines. The cooked product has the psychedelic veneer of Panda Bear, Animal Collective and Atlas Sound; blended with the metrically complex jazziness of Strobes, Shiver and Alarmist. Their latest album, fossilillies, is another wobbly offering from the band, which brings together a wonderfully paradoxical combination of retro synthesizers and prescient musical ideas.

Start your week off with Son Step’s characteristically oddball video single ‘Pluto Chakras’. In this hot-of-the-cutting-room-floor video, you will see life’s great anatomical enigmas. Tongue curling. Top-knuckle bending. You will see presaged visions induced by beard-scratching. You will see… zodiac emojis everywhere. We have director Haoyan of America and effects wizard Jon Satrom to thank for this wonderfully weird concoction. Give it a ponder, but try not to get lost in there…

Son Step’s new album ‘fossilillies’ is out now. Go and grab it on their Bandcamp page.